What is your zodiac sign

What your zodiac sign says about the ideal accommodation you should rent for your holiday
So, what is your zodiac sign?

No, we’re really not kidding. Your zodiac sign can tell you a lot about you. For example, these can be housing options that will satisfy all your desires for accommodation and provide you with everything you need for your vacation and even more.


Every hardworking Capricorn needs a break at some point. Take the load off your shoulders with this stunning seaside hideaway in Tulum, Mexico. The property is within walking distance of crystal clear turquoise waters and white sand.

Surrounded by dense tropical greenery, this home features a hut-like roof and wood accents throughout. There are restaurants and clubs within walking distance of the house where Capricorns can meet and mingle with the locals, which this zodiac sign loves to do.


Observant Aquarius sees the world from a unique perspective. This Clock Tower Guest Suite in London (England) is located at St Pancras Central station and is an idyllic getaway for this sign.

From the windows of the apartment, you will get a bird’s eye view of all those who hustle around King Cross Station every day, enjoying luxurious amenities such as a modern bathroom with a minimalist design and a room that is located in the clock tower.


Known for their laid-back demeanor, Pisces dreams of relaxing somewhere surrounded by peace and tranquility. This fully structured bamboo house in Bali (Indonesia) is located in the Ayung River Valley and is a great vacation spot for six people.

The house is the perfect place to relax and recharge. The accommodation is equipped with a small pool, private garden and panoramic views from every floor.


A day spent relaxing is a day wasted, according to Aries. So being in the heart of a new city is the perfect sanctuary for this sign. This urban condo loft boasts unparalleled views of Taipei City, Taiwan.

You can enjoy your time in an upscale modern apartment or the cityscape from the roof garden, and then look for an authentic dinner in the city at night.


One of the most romantic signs of the zodiac, Taurus, would prefer to stay in this ancient trullo in Ostuni (Italy) while traveling.

The 300-year-old dwelling will provide stunning views of the countryside, olive trees and orchards, as well as a terrace where you can’t help but dine al fresco. Just behind this stunning property are small hilly towns, markets and villages with scenic views.



To avoid boredom, Geminis are sure that adventure simply has to be on the agenda while on vacation somewhere new. This charming underground hobbit home in Orondo, Washington will make you feel like you’ve entered a completely different world.

The house, located in the Columbia River Gorge, you need to go along a steep path – this is a small but amazing hideout for Gemini. Whether you go to bed with the door open to take in the endless hilly vistas or go outside and explore the gardens along the Columbia River, you won’t be disappointed in this lodge.


The deeply emotional Cancer loves to visit places that feel like home, no matter how far away that may be. This cave house located on the caldera in Santorini (Greece) offers an unforgettable experience for a sign that loves comfort.

This magnificent restored cave house is absolute perfection for those who crave luxury, beauty and privacy: a private plunge pool overlooking the ocean, world-famous sunsets and a pristine, all-white interior are designed to soothe. You can achieve complete bliss if you come here from April to November, when a fresh breakfast is served daily right on your doorstep.


“All or nothing” is the slogan that defines Leo. Therefore, this passionate sign is always very demanding on the place of residence. It is unlikely that a person under the sign of Leo could get more vivid impressions of his stay in Paris (France) if he did not observe the Eiffel Tower directly from the window of his apartment.

This magnificent apartment can accommodate up to six people and features a spacious bathroom, a Parisian-chic dining room, and a terrace overlooking the famous Eiffel Tower. Nearby are entire areas with cute shops and restaurants.


Having a great interest in the history of new places, it is extremely important for Virgos where to stay. An excellent choice would be this beautiful riad, which is located right in the heart of Marrakesh (Morocco).

Friendly welcoming staff and dream-worthy accommodation shared with other guests means you have plenty of time to meet new people and learn more about this vibrant city. Be sure to visit the nearby souks and then relax on the riad’s rooftop for panoramic views of the Atlas Mountains and the colorful city.


With a need for constant calm, Libras love to feel at ease wherever they are. While the city of Melbourne (Australia) may seem a bit fast paced for this serene sign, a stay at this hidden forest sanctuary will relax anyone.

This accommodation will make you feel like you’ve stepped into distant forests, with murals of greenery and vines and plush seating that looks like it’s made from branches. After reaching the peak of tranquility, head to the best restaurants and attractions in Melbourne, right outside the door of this hidden oasis.


Always ready for a challenge, Scorpios feel happier when they are confident and in control of their journey. This wonderful modern villa in Akureyri, Iceland is the perfect combination of unforgettable views, active recreation and modern design.

You can quench your passion for adventure by renting horses under the midnight sun, conquering the summit of the Sulur volcano or riding a dog sled with huskies. There is a feeling that you will complete more than a couple of items from your bucket list by choosing this accommodation.


Sagittarians love mental stimulation and just can’t stand boredom. Houdini Estate is a historic 5-acre estate in Los Angeles, California believed to be the former home of famed wizard Harry Houdini. Houdini Manor is the real antidote to boredom.

This mansion is located just minutes from Beverly Hills. It has private gardens and gazebos with breathtaking views of the canyons. But the most interesting features of the estate are hidden from prying eyes: there are caves and tunnels, as well as a deep reservoir of water, where Houdini reportedly practiced his escape and release tricks.