15 best holiday destinations in November

The last month of autumn no longer spoils us with sun and warmth, so it’s time to consider travel options to places where the climate is warmer, where you can get into summer or just take a comfortable walk and relax without crowds of tourists and at the best prices. We offer you to consider our top holiday destinations in November.

Of the budget and traditional destinations – Egypt, where it is good to go in late autumn.

The heat subsides, the weather conditions do not interfere with enjoying your vacation. Water warms up to +25°C. Rainfall is possible, especially in resorts such as Sharm el-Sheikh and Dahab. But precipitation falls only a couple of millimeters. In addition to relaxing on the beach, you can comfortably travel around the country, go kitesurfing, scuba diving. In December, the windy season begins in Egypt, but we will tell you hotels in windless bays.

You can also have a budget vacation in November in Turkey. The warmest resorts are Alanya and Side. The water temperature drops to +21°C, if it’s cool for you, feel free to choose a hotel that has a heated pool. At the end of autumn in Turkey, it is worth trying local fruits.

November in Cyprus is quite unpredictable. At this time, the island is still sunny and quite warm, but the sea is already cooling down to +20°C. But prices are pleasantly reduced along with the temperature of the water in the sea. There are much fewer tourists, there is no heat – why not ideal conditions for pleasant walks, exploration of nature and the cultural and architectural heritage of the island?

Do not forget about Spain, in particular about its “island of eternal spring” – Tenerife. In November, giving up on the Canary Islands is a great idea! The weather in the Canary Islands in November is the perfect time for a comfortable beach holiday. Everything will be conducive to this – the weather, the temperature of the water in the ocean, and prices. During the day, the air will warm up to +24 °C, and the water in November will be very pleasant for swimming – about +23 °C.


The beach season in Israel continues in November. You can swim in the Red and Dead Seas, the air temperature drops to +24°C, which allows you to comfortably travel around the country.

In the UAE in November – the high season: there is no longer sweltering heat, in the capital Abu Dhabi and in Dubai, the most visited places by tourists, this month, as a rule, + 31 ° C during the day and + 18 ° C at night. Beach holidays here are excellent, in addition, you will enjoy wonderful shopping. At the end of November, Dubai hosts Jewelery Week, the largest jewelry exhibition in the Middle East region.

Qatar is a fairly new destination for mass tourism, which will develop rapidly. Doha can offer an excellent beach holiday on the shores of the Arabian Gulf on sandy beaches, inexpensive and high-quality shopping. And of course, a flight on the wings of one of the best airlines in the world – Qatar Airways – will be remembered by you as a great addition to your vacation.


Holidays on the island of Zanzibar are incredibly beautiful landscapes, romantic sunsets, soothing sunrises, a warm ocean, bright sun, white sand, a sea of ​​​​fruits, the freshest seafood just caught from the ocean. There is no pronounced rainy season in Zanzibar. November – the last month of the Zanzibar spring – the weather is already good, and the prices are still very encouraging. During the day, the average air temperature is +30 °C, and at night you will find pleasant coolness (+24 °C). Due to the high humidity, there may be short rains, but they are very quickly replaced by the sun. Separately, I would like to say about the locals – they are very friendly, friendly, open people, ready to help in any situation. Zanzibar is an island of happiness where you want to return again and again!


In November, the rainy season comes to an end, the amount of precipitation is significantly reduced, the wind subsides, and the waves decrease. The sun appears more and more often in the sky, the weather is getting better. The duration of rains on the island of Phuket, for example, is 2-3 hours, and they go mostly at night. The mild climate, uncrowded beaches and warm sea beckon to travel here. The tourist season is just starting this month.

Sri Lanka

The period from November to the end of April is the most favorable for a holiday in Sri Lanka. The air temperature practically does not change all year round + 28 … + 30 ° C, with the exception of mountainous areas, where it gets cold to +10 ° C in winter. The average water temperature is +25 °C. In addition to a beach holiday, you can walk through the rainforest, visit one of the national natural parks, home to more than 200 species of birds, leopards, crocodiles and other exotic animals, and of course see how tea grows on the endless plantations of the island.

From more distant destinations, the Maldives Islands will delight you with the sun and warmth – “the residence of paradise on earth”: all shades of blue in the Indian Ocean, landscapes that do not require filters, and the gentle sun that shines only for you! In November, the high tourist season starts here.

In November in the Seychelles, as in any other month of the year, nature is conducive to a relaxed holiday. The air and water temperature is comfortable both for relaxing on the beach and for excursions. But take an umbrella with you: you can be overtaken by strong, but short (up to half an hour) rains.

November in the Dominican Republic is the start of the high tourist season. Snow-white beaches and gentle waves of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea are waiting for you!

In Mexico, the high tourist season also begins in November. The weather is conducive to relaxing on the endless white beaches, as well as getting to know the mysteries and culture of the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations.

Autumn is perfect for sightseeing trips to Europe. In November there are fewer tourists and you can safely wander the streets of Prague, treat yourself to a spa weekend in the baths of Hungary and try marzipans in Budapest, visit imperial Vienna, drive along the ideal roads of Germany to its most interesting castles, admire world masterpieces in the museums of Italy and France , wander the streets of majestic Barcelona.